3rd All Africa PostHarvest Congress and Exhibition (AAPHCE), September 13-17,2021, Africa Union Commission, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Thursday, August 11, 2022

Side Events


THEME: Postharvest Loss Reduction for Sustainable Food Systems



A call to host side events

The Africa Union Commission (AUC) in collaboration with a consortium of research/academic institutions, development partners, civil society and private sector organizations are organizing the 3rd All Africa Postharvest Congress and Exhibition (3rd AAPHCE). The Congress which is a fully virtual convening will be held on 13th – 16th September 2021. The organizers are inviting applications to host side events during the congress. The side events, including workshops, seminars/webinars, training sessions, project meetings etc. should be in line with the Congress theme ‘Postharvest Loss Reduction for Sustainable Food Systems’. The side events have been assigned a full day on the 1st day of the congress (13th September, 2021). The actual time slots and duration of each side event will be communicated in due course.

About the Congress

The 3rd AAPHCE is a follow up to the 2nd AAPHCE and 1st AAPHCE which were held in 2019 and 2017 respectively. The The AUC has now institutionalized the All Africa Postharvest Congress and Exhibition as a biennial event that brings together diverse stakeholders including policy makers, private sector actors, development agencies, civil society, researchers, academics, farmers, processors to learn, share information, build networks and partnerships aimed at addressing the pertinent issue of postharvest loss reduction in the African context. The specific objectives of the 3rd AAPHCE include: 1) Raise awareness about food losses and waste as a problem contributing to unsustainable food systems; 2) Demonstrate the importance of good postharvest management and food loss/waste reduction in line with the continental/global challenges and agenda; 3) Showcase effective policy interventions, strategies, technologies, practices, investment/business opportunities towards postharvest food loss/waste reduction; 4) Monitor and review progress by AU Member states on postharvest loss reduction initiatives to achieve the set targets under the Malabo Declaration (2014); 5) Build and strengthen linkages and partnerships (including private sector engagement) for resourcing food loss and waste reduction initiatives.

To realize these objectives, the congress theme has been unpacked into the following subthemes:

1. Causes, Extent and Impact of food loss and waste (FLW) – the metrics (data) and tools for FLW measurement.

2. Saving Africa’s harvest during and post COVID-19 Pandemic – lessons learnt, opportunities to strategize for future natural disasters and pandemics.

3. Innovative technologies, tools, practices and training/capacity building to reduce postharvest losses (quantitative and qualitative) in food supply chains.

4. Trade, business and economic transformation opportunities in postharvest solutions.

5. Financing postharvest loss reduction initiatives; Business Cases/Models in postharvest loss reduction; Innovative financing mechanisms for upscaling postharvest

6. Enabling policies, effective national/regional strategies, experience sharing, Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA).

Requirements to Host a Side Event

Interested organisations/institutions/individuals who intend to host a side event should provide a brief Concept Note (1-3 pages) of the proposed side event. The Concept Note should include the following sections: Title of the event; brief background including rationale and objectives; approach; expected outcomes; draft programme, and list of expected participants (including number that will be supported by the side event organisers).

To qualify as a side event during the 3rd AAPHCE, the host(s) of the event should commit to support at least 20 participants to attend the side event and the congress. The convener/sponsor of the side even will also be required to pay a minimum convening fee of USD 5,000.

Sponsoring a side event at this continental Congress will provide a unique opportunity to communicate and interact with the diverse stakeholders in the food and agriculture sector who have an interest in postharvest management including researchers/academia, extension agents, policy makers, development partners, practitioners, among others. The congress is a platform to showcase the activities, services, products and other outputs of your organization to the world. The side event hosts and their partners will receive extensive publicity on the congress website and publicity materials. Upon acceptance, the format of the side event will be discussed between the hosts and the organizers to ensure a satisfactory hosting.

Interested parties should submit their Concept Note by email to the event organizer through the official congress E-mail address postharvest@aaphce.com with a copy to jane.ambuko@uonbi.ac.ke (Technical Committee Chair) by 30th June 2021. Note that priority and acceptance to host side events will be guided by the suitability and relevance to the Congress Theme and Objectives. Allocation of time slots will be on first come first served basis and the availability in the Congress program. Notification to the interested parties will be sent by 31st July 2021.